Saturday, 31 May 2008

Barcamp London 4 - Saturday afternoon

So I made it to the afternoon sessions, the first session that I attended was about MERB, which is an alternative Ruby based framework, lighter and faster than the Rails stack, which is claimed to achieve much higher performance than rails applications. Given that deployment and performance  are Rail's weakest points, the addition of MERB to the toolchest may stimulate development in this area. 

I caught up with some friends from Yahoo, and GCAP which is rapidly acquiring many of the best folks from the old Yahoo Business. Christian, Murray, and Mike shown above, who are definatly showing signs of  wear :-) 

Finally Simon Willison gave a fascinating talk about the Google APP Engine, which is a different take on the Elastic Computing Meme that is sweeping the net at the moment, providing some of the capabilities of the systems such as the Amazon EC2 system. 

Stay tuned for more ......

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