Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Have the City of London Police been infiltrated by Scientology?

Yesterday the guardian ran a story about an anti-scientology demonstrator being prosecuted by the City of London Police (Note: Not the metropolitan police). The demonstrators "crime" was to use the word "cult" to describe Scientology on a placard during a demonstration. 

Aside from the obvious free speech issues, the article raises some interesting connections between the City of London Police force and the Church of Scientology, including senior officers accepting gifts from the church, and appearing in promotional videos. 

Scientology is a dangerous cult that exploits the more vulnerable members of society, whilst hiding behind laws designed to protect religious freedoms. Indeed in many countries, Uk and Germany notably, the state has stripped this cult of its religion status in order to prevent it exploiting the law, in the same way it attempts to exploit every other aspect of the society it disdains so much.  More European countries need to follow suit, to ensure that Scientology cannot establish the legal foothold it has in other regions. 

Serious questions need to be asked about the relationship between the City of London Police force and the Scientologists, and efforts should be made to determine just how far this insidious group has infiltrated an organisation that is supposed to serve in societies best interests. 

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