Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mashup 08

So here i am again at Alexandra Palace, at the BBC/Microsoft mashup 08 event, the 48 hour homage to all things techy and geeky. There is a certain sense of Deja Vue, having been here before at a simular event in 2007. However this time the flavor is different, the presentation a little more polished.

This year there are some fantastic hacks, Ewans "virtual round the world flight", using a marvellous lashup of Google earth, some gaming controls, twitter, and not one but two projectors, coupled with a brave attempt at airframe construction on a grand scale, gave us an intriguing project to marvel at. 

The guys from ARM, converted their table into a makeshift electronics workshop, and slaved away all night to create a standalone system for displaying location sensitive webpages.

Finaly I ran into an old friend Toby who I had not seen for some time.

Stay tuned and i will cover some more highlights from this event as it unfolds tomorrow. 

Monday, 2 June 2008

Talk on scalability, the cloud and virtual startups

I gave my talk at barcamp yesterday about scalability, startups and using the cloud to completely operate a new company, which seemed to go down well. Whilst running around networking, and having lots of fun meeting up with old and new friends, I also managed to put our new development and staging environment for bejant live (thank god the wifi got fixed :-) ). And later this week we will be shifting all the final pieces of the organisation into the cloud. So we are practising what we preach.

Barcamp's event page is on backnetwork keep checking back on there and I will make the slides available, I also understand that the presentations where being recorded, not sure if mine was, is so i will track down the podcast and get that up too.