Friday, 11 January 2008

Fragile Intel Macs

In total I have 4 Macs, 2 G4's and Two intel machines, all of them have super-drives fitted, I recently discovered that the superdrives on both the Intel machines have become flakey.

I first noticed this when i was trying to install leopard (10.5) on these machines, Leopard weighs in at 7.8G with all options installed, and comes on a DL layer DVD. And was completely unreadable by both intel machines.

The solution turned out to be simple. Using a small external USB drive formated with a GUID partitions (this important people, pay attention, two types of partition, GUID or Apple Partition Map, use the former or it wont boot), I used Disk Utility to copy the DVD to the USB drive using one of the G4 machines by "restoring" it to the volume.

Then it was just a matter of plugging the drive in to the intel macs, and running OS X Install to get leopard installed on the fragile machines.

So whilst i recognize that I'm problaly just the victim of bad luck, but i really do wonder if Macs are as reliable now we have moved to the Intel world.

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