Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mashup 08

So here i am again at Alexandra Palace, at the BBC/Microsoft mashup 08 event, the 48 hour homage to all things techy and geeky. There is a certain sense of Deja Vue, having been here before at a simular event in 2007. However this time the flavor is different, the presentation a little more polished.

This year there are some fantastic hacks, Ewans "virtual round the world flight", using a marvellous lashup of Google earth, some gaming controls, twitter, and not one but two projectors, coupled with a brave attempt at airframe construction on a grand scale, gave us an intriguing project to marvel at. 

The guys from ARM, converted their table into a makeshift electronics workshop, and slaved away all night to create a standalone system for displaying location sensitive webpages.

Finaly I ran into an old friend Toby who I had not seen for some time.

Stay tuned and i will cover some more highlights from this event as it unfolds tomorrow. 

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