Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Swift 3.0.2 Language on Fedora 25

Previously i shared a link to the Fedora install script for the 2.2 version of the swift programming language.

I have now created a version of Swift 3.0.2 (the most current stable version)  for Fedora 25, and have confirmed it works with the jet-brains CLion EAP IDE with the excellent swift language plugin. All advanced features such as GCD, SwiftPM, GLibc binding and the debugger seem to work.

you can get the pre-built release and the install instructions below


eu4 console commands said...

I am new to programming and figured swift is a good language to start with. I think the tutorial apple has provided is a tad confusing and these videos are awesome at explaining swift in a beginner friendly way. Keep making these!!

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