Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Microfabricator.com - The internets end stop


Been building content/community sites again and my latest site is


Microfabricator.com is a new news, forum, and social content site for the 3D Printing community. We will also be hosting the design and build of the the "Photon" 3D printer on this site.

The "Photon" is a new 3D printer design, designed to be built in countries which may not have access to sophisticated components, most of the design can be built from components available in a DIY Hardware store.

more than 70% of the structure is it self printed, so its ideal for bootstrapping.

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ilikec said...

Did you ever get the ee-spy402 Omron sensor to work as a sensor for bed leveling? I read you microfabricator post and bough the sensors on ebay. Wow, pretty cool. Now, I got an army (5) Makergears M2s and a Taz 4 with the same Rambo card. I was wondering if you ever made that board with the indicator led and the logic reversing circuit.