Monday, 11 August 2008

Spooks Code 9

Last night I watched the first two episodes of the new Spooks: Code 9 spin off series, and to be honest if this is the standard of british drama that we are to receive in the future then I am very saddened indeed. This series has felt more like the "K9 and friends" spin off from Dr Who, and should probably have been broadcast on CBBC instead of prime time on BBC3.  I realize that somebody probably has targets to meet on "youth programming", but this pile of £$%^ is not going to meet that demographic. 

This series has more in common with Hollyoaks and Big brother than the wonderful series we thrilled too for 6 seasons that bears its name.  As a long time spooks fan I was very very disappointed, and felt that the BBC should do all it can to disassociate this travesty from the quality brand that it had created with original series. 

Please BBC, rename this farce and do not cheapen the Brand you have spent so much on fostering in the main spooks series. 

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Anonymous said...

Pile of crap, just like Bonekickers. What happened to our acting/acriptwriting/directing talents?